The anti-Haley group in New Hampshire is aiming for 2024

The anti-Haley group in New Hampshire is aiming for 2024

The Donald Trump super PAC MAGA Inc. has remained radio silent in New Hampshire since June. But that will all change on Tuesday when the organization attacks Haley again, making it their first attack on a politician in New Hampshire.

This 30-second commercial attacks Haley’s tax policy by showing her endorsing a gas tax hike in South Carolina and calling her “high-tax Haley.”

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) did criticize the outgoing governor at the second GOP debate on the topic of South Carolina’s gas tax. “I fought the gas tax in South Carolina multiple times against the establishment,” she said in response, recalling how she had pushed for a reduction in the state’s income tax in response to a plan to increase the gas tax.

Even though Trump is currently leading the GOP primary in New Hampshire, according to recent polls, the latest spot demonstrates that his supporters are recognizing Haley’s ascent in the Granite State. The campaign for Haley is banking on her performance in New Hampshire to propel her to South Carolina, her home state, where she aspires to unseat Trump.

“Two days ago, Donald Trump denied our surge in New Hampshire existed,” Haley said on social media in response to an NBC News story Monday night that MAGA Inc. would be targeting her. Currently, he is promoting something nasty about me. Someone is starting to feel anxious. Let’s do it!

In other campaign-related news…

Voters under the age of 30 share their thoughts: In an interview with NBC’s Bianca Seward, young people from throughout the nation discussed their reservations about supporting President Joe Biden, even if they voted for him in 2020.

The Washington Post reports that Biden is “increasingly frustrated” by his poor approval ratings and the fact that surveys suggest that he is unable to defeat Trump.

NBC’s Sahil Kapur reports that Democrats in the ongoing immigration talks in Congress are seeking measures to prevent a future president from abusing some of the executive powers on the table, driven by their worry that Trump, if elected, will abuse these powers. Despite El Paso, Texas, being a heavily Democratic city, Biden is still suffering due to immigration, according to Politico.

On Monday, the nonprofit watchdog organization The Campaign Legal Center accused DeSantis’ campaign and a superPAC supporting him, Never Back Down, of violating campaign finance rules through their alleged coordination.

Endorsement chase: Ever since Sen. Tim Scott withdrew from the race last month, Semafor has been covering the covert maneuvering among Republican presidential contenders for his endorsement.

The leaders of the bitcoin business have amassed $78 million over three superPACs with the intention of influencing the 2024 Senate and House elections, according to CNBC.

The Associated Press examines the field of New Jersey politicians competing to replace Democratic Senator Bob Menendez, who has been indicted on federal charges but has not yet announced his intention to run for re-election.

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