New polling reveals that Biden receives bad scores from Israel, especially among young people.

New polling reveals that Biden receives bad scores from Israel, especially among young people.

Among registered voters, just one-third are satisfied with President Joe Biden’s handling of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, according to a new survey from The New York Times and Siena College. Young voters are more inclined to voice discontent with this approach.

Consistent with earlier polls conducted this month, this one also found wide generational and political gaps about Biden’s stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The Times/Siena survey found that 37% of registered voters approve of Biden as president in general and 33% approve of his performance on the Israeli-Palestinian issue in particular. His approval rating is 26% overall and 20% on the Israeli-Palestinian issue among voters under the age of 30. A total of 19% of eligible voters express disapproval of Biden’s stance on the conflict, with 45% of those under the age of 30 attributing their disapproval to his excessive support for Israel.

Among eligible voters, 54% are in favor of increasing US financial and military assistance to Israel, while 38% are against the idea. On the other hand, 48% of respondents feel that Israel isn’t doing enough to protect Gazan civilians from harm.

The increasing number of civilian deaths in Gaza has reportedly heightened tensions between the Netanyahu government and the Biden administration. The massive shelling of Gaza has prompted worldwide condemnation and demands for a prolonged truce, and Biden is coming under mounting pressure from both inside and outside the country to dissuade Netanyahu from continuing the offensive.

The Times/Siena survey found that 46% of registered voters trust Trump more than Biden to manage the Israeli-Palestinian problem, 38% trust Biden, and 15% are undecided. Among eligible voters, just 1% cite the Israeli situation as the top issue confronting the US at the moment, while 34% cite worries connected to the economy or inflation.

The 8th of December in Los Angeles, California: As demonstrators march in the street to denounce the Biden administration’s backing of Israel—a country responsible for the deaths of thousands of Palestinian civilians in its war against Hamas in Gaza—on December 8, 2023, in Los Angeles, California, a woman carries a sign implying that she might now cast her ballot for Donald Trump for president.

This coming weekend, Joe and Jill Biden, the president and first lady of the United States, will be in the Los Angeles region for a series of six fundraisers and mutual encounters.

According to reports, Israeli troops have murdered over 17,487 Palestinians, including over 6,600 children, in Gaza since October 7, when the Palestinian group Hamas assaulted Israel, killing over 1,200. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have intensified their bombing and ground warfare in southern Gaza, following a several-day ceasefire to swap detainees and hostages. This comes after weeks of advising the population to flee there from Israeli bombardment in the north of the territory.

The majority of Americans hold Hamas accountable for the continuing Israel-Hamas conflict, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey. However, a sizeable minority of Democrats and younger individuals feel that Israel’s present military operation is excessive, according to the same survey.

Pew found that while 65% of Americans hold Hamas mostly responsible for the Israel-Hamas conflict, 35% hold the Israeli government, 20% hold the Palestinian people, and 13% hold the Israeli people themselves in high esteem.

About a third of respondents were unclear, while 27% said Israel is using the correct approach in its present military campaign against Hamas, 25% thought it was going too far, and 16% thought it wasn’t going far enough. There was a generational gap: among those under the age of 35, 38% think Israel has gone too far, with 56% of those in that age bracket identifying as Democratic-aligned.

A mere 37% of Americans reported following the news somewhat carefully, 36% not at all or very closely, and just around 25% claimed to be following the Israel-Hamas battle extremely or very intently, according to the Pew study. Among those under the age of 50, just 18% reported paying careful attention.

An AP-NORC survey released earlier this month revealed that Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas war was approved by 37% of US adults. Among Democrats, this is an increase from November, when just 50% approved. Two-thirds of the public deemed recovering hostages held by Hamas in Gaza a very or extremely important goal for the US. Other priorities included negotiating a permanent ceasefire, providing humanitarian relief to Palestinians in Gaza (46%), and aiding Israel’s military in their fight against Hamas (34%).

No obvious frontrunner emerged from the Times/Siena poll’s potential general election contest between Trump and Biden. Trump has 46% of the vote, compared to Biden’s 44% of the total registered votes. At this early point, Biden has 47% of the probable voters’ support, while Trump has 45%.

Trump also has more registered voters who did not cast ballots in the 2020 election than Biden has, according to the Times/Siena study and other recent polls.

Live operators surveyed 1,016 eligible voters across the country by phone between December 10 and 14, 2023, for the New York Times/Siena College poll. All registered voters are subject to a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

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