Multi-Car Crash on Imperial Highway Sends 2 to Hospital

Multi-Car Crash on Imperial Highway Sends 2 to Hospital

Los Angeles- On Monday, another vehicle collided with a vehicle carrying two people. The passengers in the accident sustained fatal injuries. Quick action was taken to transport the passengers to the hospital for medical attention.

According to reports, the collision occurred around 1:15 a.m. on Monday on Imperial Highway, close to the Harbor (110) Freeway. LAPD Officer Norman Eisenman gave a press conference on the incident.

According to Eisenman, “a third vehicle collided into the two other cars” as the collision investigation was underway.

The accident’s cause is currently under investigation by the authorities. They are in the hospital’s critical care unit.

The police have located the other two vehicles that were involved in the collision. People in charge are pleading with anybody who saw the collision to call the police.

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