Jennifer Love Hewitt claps back at claims she looks ‘unrecognisable’

Jennifer Love Hewitt claps back at claims she looks ‘unrecognisable’

‘Ghost Whisperer’ actor was deemed ‘unrecognisable’ after she posted a recent photo of her hair transformation

In response to comments that her new hairstyle makes her appear “unrecognisable,” Jennifer Love Hewitt has addressed the matter.

The 44-year-old Ghost Whisperer actress recently came out against Hollywood’s ageism in the entertainment industry. On December 5th’s edition of the Inside of You podcast, Hewitt addressed the general outcry following her August debut of a blunt bob cut.

It is really hard to age in Hollywood. She spoke to podcast host Michael Rosenbaum about how she couldn’t do anything correctly. The heroine of “I Know What You Did Last Summer” reminisced about the summer when she shared an Instagram snapshot of her hairstyle change. She had gone from her trademark blonde locks to a red wine-colored shoulder-length hairstyle with long curtain bangs.

But fans and media alike pronounced Hewitt “unrecognisable” right away.

I wasn’t wearing any makeup while I was getting my hair styled. Consequently, I put a filter on. “I really didn’t give it any consideration,” she said on the program. A lot of people said, “Jennifer Love Hewitt is unrecognizable” after seeing the final product. Her unrecognizable appearance has led her to rely on filters to hide her aging in her 40s.

She called the fan response to her selfie “crazy,” according to the 9-1-1 actress. She posted pictures of herself with “over the top” effects and joked that she was “trying to make fun of it” in response to the criticism. Hewitt went on to say that even making light of the criticism she received for her looks was offensive.

“Now she’s merely defending herself, and why is she defending?” they said accusingly. Hewitt made the statement. “I knew I wasn’t good at anything.”

“To pretend that we don’t is a lie,” she said bluntly when asked why she doesn’t just ignore the detractors.

A number of famous women have spoken out against the discrimination they encounter in the entertainment business because of their age, including Jennifer Love Hewitt. In the midst of persistent speculation that she, too, seems “unrecognisable” and has had cosmetic surgery, actress Meg Ryan has lately spoken out.

The star of Sleepless in Seattle felt compelled to speak out against our culture’s fixation with chronological age in a November interview with Glamour. “Youth is so important to our culture,” Ryan remarked. I am grateful for my advanced years. So far, I’m loving it here. Getting older isn’t that scary. We’re all participating. “Just relax” would have been the advice I needed sooner. As is, so is. The roadblocks aren’t important.

In May, Ryan made her “first public outing in six months” at a New York City screening of Michael J. Fox’s documentary, Still, and many described her as “unrecognisable”. Many viewers felt the description was “misogynistic” and swiftly voiced their disapproval.

Ryan spoke cleanly about how she shields her mental health by ignoring the criticism. It is too distracting for me to pay attention to. “I simply cannot,” she stated. “Doing it is pointless. There are a lot more intriguing things to consider, even if they would undoubtedly offend someone’s sentiments. Being nasty and hateful is really foolish.

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