Attention Commuters: The Los Angeles Metrolink will close for repair projects from December 26th through the 29th

The Los Angeles Metrolink will close for repair projects from December 26th through the 29th

From December 26th to the 29th, Metrolink in Southern California will be out of commission for a major cleaning and maintenance project.

Metrolink announced in November that it would install a new signal system as part of its efforts to refurbish, maintain, and clean its rail network. The system’s expected benefits include increased operational reliability and throughput for trains arriving and departing Union Station.

We anticipate starting the aforementioned work after Christmas and finishing it by December 29.

The renovation will close 550 miles of track in Riverside-Ventura County, Orange County, and Los Angeles.

The signal system is currently undergoing an upgrade. A relay mechanism that originated during the Great Depression in the 1930s is still used by Metrolink today to cap the number of trains that can use different tracks.

The authority is hoping that the new microprocessor-driven signal system will enhance departure and arrival capacity, which would decrease total train delays and boost safety. Included in it as well is the three-year SCORE L.A. Union Station Modernization Project, which aims to update all rail and signal systems where trains enter and leave LAUS.

Scheduled repairs include painting canopies and gutters, repairing concrete on platforms, maintaining high-voltage equipment, and installing additional lighting linked to emergency power within the tunnel, all aimed at reducing the likelihood of power outages.

Notably, in cases of power outages, Metrolink states that components with high voltage will be installed beforehand.

Passengers can rest assured that the Los Angeles Metro Rail and buses will continue to operate according to their regular schedule.

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