Grizzlies Guard Ja Morant Testifies About Passing Skills in Court Amidst Altercation with Teenager Last Year

Ja Morant

Ja Morant, who faced allegations of brandishing a firearm, is also under scrutiny for additional incidents. Recently, the 24-year-old Memphis Grizzlies star received a subpoena and was summoned to testify in court regarding a 2022 altercation with a teenager.

A year ago, Morant was accused of assaulting a 17-year-old during a pickup basketball game, repeatedly striking the teenager’s head. Following the altercation, Morant reportedly threatened the youngster with a gun from his residence. Despite the serious nature of the situation in court, NBA Twitter made jokes, with Morant even seen explaining basketball techniques at one point, suggesting his lawyer aimed to emphasize learning about “checking” and “passing” the ball.

Currently, Morant is serving a 25-game suspension, not only for brandishing a firearm but also for other questionable actions. Toward the end of the 2022-2023 season, Morant was observed carrying a firearm while in a Denver nightclub, reportedly in an intoxicated state. The league imposed an 8-game suspension for this behavior.

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However, this suspension did not deter Morant, as he was later spotted with a firearm during an Instagram Live Video. In response, the NBA handed down a 25-game suspension for the first part of the 2023-2024 campaign.

Having served 21 games of his suspension without incident, Morant is set to return on December 19th against the New Orleans Pelicans. Despite his eagerness, fans and the Memphis Grizzlies organization hope that a total suspension of 33 games will prompt Morant to reflect on his actions.

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