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Leave the World Behind” is a gripping apocalyptic thriller recently added to the Netflix lineup. Directed by Sam Esmail, the movie is an adaptation of the popular novel with the same title. It has received acclaim for its strong pacing, intense scenes, and the performances of its talented cast.

Plot and Characters

The story centers around Amanda (played by Julia Roberts) and her husband Clay (portrayed by Ethan Hawke), who decide to rent a luxurious home for a weekend getaway with their children, Archie (Charlie Evans) and Rose (Farrah Mackenzie).

Their vacation takes an unexpected turn when two strangers, G.H. (Mahershala Ali) and his daughter Ruth (Myha’la), show up at night, insisting that the house belongs to them and seeking refuge. They bring news of a mysterious cyberattack, forcing the two families to confront an imminent disaster that becomes increasingly terrifying.

Critical Reception

Leave the World Behind” has earned recognition as one of the top Netflix movies of the year. Critics praise it as a well-acted apocalyptic thriller. Despite its unhurried pace and straightforward messaging, the film captivates viewers. The dialogue, while occasionally on the nose, contributes to the overall solid pacing.

Julia Roberts and Ethan Hawke deliver convincing performances, adding to the entertainment of the suspenseful drama. Roberts, in particular, receives acclaim for her portrayal of Amanda, the cynical and distrustful member of the family. Mahershala Ali’s performance as G.H. is also commendable.


Leave the World Behind” is a tense apocalyptic thriller that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. With its stellar cast, strong pacing, and intense scenes, it’s no surprise that the film is hailed as one of the best Netflix releases of the year. Whether you’re a thriller enthusiast or just searching for a compelling movie, “Leave the World Behind” is definitely worth a watch.


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