RNC Decides to Forego Hosting GOP Primary Debates in 2024

RNC announces it won't hold future 2024 GOP primary debates

The Republican National Committee announced on Friday that it will not take part in additional 2024 GOP primary debates. The decision comes after the RNC organized four debates featuring Republican primary candidates, with diminishing viewership. Notably, former President Trump, the leading GOP candidate, opted out of all these debates.

The RNC emphasized the need for Republican primary voters to make the decision about the next President. Weeks ahead of the Iowa caucuses, the organization stated that candidates are now free to utilize any forum or format to communicate with voters as they deem appropriate.

Looking ahead, ABC News and CNN are scheduled to host debates early next year in primary states such as New Hampshire and Iowa, but the RNC clarified that it has no involvement in these events. Candidates had requested flexibility from the RNC for future interactions with voters.

It’s worth noting that the RNC focused on conservative media, partnering with outlets like Fox and NewsNation for the four debates it participated in. The initial GOP presidential debate resulted in a significant polling boost for former UN ambassador Nikki Haley, drawing attention from other candidates in subsequent debates.

However, debate viewership has seen a decline since the first one, with 4.1 million people tuning in to the recent debate on NewsNation. In a related development, a New Hampshire school expressed surprise at being listed as the host for a CNN debate.


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