UNLV Campus Tragedy: Suspect Deceased After Fatal Shooting Incident

UNLV shooting suspect dead after 3 killed on campus, police say

On Wednesday afternoon, a shooting on the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), campus resulted in three fatalities and one person sustaining injuries, as reported by the police. Responding swiftly, officers eliminated the suspect at UNLV, ensuring no ongoing threat to the community, as stated by the police later on Wednesday.

According to two law enforcement sources, the alleged shooter was a white male in his sixties, identified as Anthony “Tony” Polito, a former college professor with teaching experience in Georgia and North Carolina. While the police confirmed knowing the suspect’s identity, they refrained from releasing the name until notifying the victims’ families.

During a Wednesday evening news conference, Sheriff Kevin McMahill stated that Polito had recently applied for a job at the university, which he did not secure. There were also indications of a possible connection to someone working on the campus.

Earlier in the day, McMahill mentioned that the police were unaware of the suspect’s motive. The incident originated on the fourth floor of Beam Hall, with the first call reporting the active shooter received at around 11:45 a.m. local time. Responding swiftly, the police engaged and killed the suspect outside Beam Hall.

In addition to the three fatalities, one person with a gunshot wound was in stable condition at an area hospital, with four others hospitalized due to panic attacks. Two police officers sustained minor injuries while searching for additional victims on campus.

McMahill emphasized that the prompt response of officers prevented more casualties, citing a gathering outside Beam Hall during the attack, which included people eating and building Lego sets together.

Sunrise Hospital Trauma Center received three patients from the shooting, according to trauma medical director Chris Fisher. A reunification center for families unable to contact their loved ones was established at the campus’s North Hall.

During the afternoon news conference, Clark County Fire Chief John C. Steinbeck announced the involvement of the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in the investigation.

UNLV announced the closure of the campus for the week, with further decisions pending regarding reopening on Monday, as stated by university police chief Adam Garcia.

President Biden addressed the shooting, expressing condolences and urging Congress to take action on measures to combat gun violence. Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman called the news “tragic and heartbreaking,” while University President Brian Sandoval described it as “an unimaginably sad and shocking day for our entire state” in a social media post.


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