In the spirit of generosity, Biden is set to secure substantial campaign funds this month

In the spirit of generosity, Biden is set to secure substantial campaign funds this month

President Biden will make sure to thank major supporters of the Democratic Party for their generous contributions to his re-election campaign during the holiday season.

The president will headline three fundraisers in the Boston region on Tuesday, launching an ambitious coast-to-coast fundraising blitz. In addition, several events on the agenda will also feature Jill Biden, the first lady, Vice President Kamala Harris, and senior officials from the Biden-Harris campaign. The president’s aides told the specifics because they think the president would further solidify his position as Democratic Party leader and his substantial financial advantage over any Republican candidates he may face in the general election.

One Biden-Harris campaign bundler, who requested anonymity in order to discuss ongoing plans for this month’s fundraisers, expects the December haul to be significant. However, aides and donors still refused to provide specific figures early Tuesday, in part because they wouldn’t know final sums until after events had concluded. “The fundraising is going extremely well.”

After what campaign staff have called the best “grassroots fundraising” month to date in November, a lineup of high-profile events follows. As the months tick down to Election Day 2024, interest and involvement continue to rise. Furthermore, the campaign requires financial momentum to expand its staff, secure additional advertising, and strategize its ground game for what is projected to be the most costly campaign year in history, with political ad spending across all media surpassing $10 billion, as reported by AdImpact.

Along with his travels in New England, the president will be hosting a fundraiser in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday night, his second in the nation’s capital this month. He will then go west on Friday to host fundraisers in Los Angeles, a major contributor hub, on Friday and Saturday. Avoiding becoming involved in the labor conflict that involves wealthy contributors on both sides, the president has refrained from visiting the City of Angels since the spring, prior to the start of the highly publicized strikes by Hollywood directors and writers. Though he is not holding any events in the Los Angeles region at the moment, movie producer and power broker Jeffrey Katzenberg is co-chairing the president’s re-election campaign.

Rick Caruso, a rich real estate developer who ran for mayor of Los Angeles last year as a Republican, then an independent, and finally a Democrat, is reportedly getting ready to run for office again, according to the Los Angeles Times, which broke the story first. An assistant to Caruso verified his participation.

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro will join Biden for another fundraising appearance in Philadelphia next Monday. Philadelphia is a regular stop for the vice president. The 50-year-old governor is helping the Biden-Harris campaign gather money, along with numerous other possible future presidential candidates. The president and Maryland Governor Wes Moore will be making an appearance at a fundraiser in the Free State later this month.

Gretchen Whitmer, the governor of Michigan, will host the president’s fundraiser in Boston this month. Julie Chavez Rodriguez, a resident of California, and Alex Padilla, a senator from that state, intend to co-host two high-profile events in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Another campaign co-chair, the heir of the Hyatt Hotel chain’s ownership family and a possible presidential contender in the future, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, has also sponsored fundraisers for the president this autumn.

This week, the president and first lady plan to attend fundraisers in California, and they will continue to make appearances in the days ahead. In addition to her appearance at a fundraiser in Texas last month, Harris has several fundraisers scheduled for this month. Karen Donfried, a former officer of the State Department, is one of several campaign bundlers who are holding smaller events.

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