Who Is Neon Girlfriend? Cheating Scandal Rocks Streamer World!

Who Is Neon Girlfriend?

Neon, the well-known gaming content creator on YouTube and Twitch, has recently become the center of attention due to his romantic involvement with Sam Frank. Recognized for his NBA 2k gameplays, 1v1 matches, and commentary, Neon, whose real name is Rangesh Mutama, has gained popularity through his N3ON YouTube channel, accumulating over 650,000 subscribers.

The Love Story

Neon and Sam Frank’s love story commenced on a lavish yacht in May 2023, where they first encountered each other among fellow streamers. Their connection was immediate, and shortly afterward, they officially became a couple.

The relationship between these TikTok stars has generated reactions and prompted numerous questions from fans. Their TikTok videos have garnered millions of views, propelling them into the spotlight as one of the most discussed couples.

Who Is Neon Girlfriend?

Sam Frank

Sam Frank, Neon’s girlfriend, has also gained attention due to her association with Neon. She was introduced to the public during a Halloween party where Neon revealed her as his new girlfriend. Sam is also a creator on OnlyFans.


Despite his substantial following, Mutama has faced criticism for sensationalizing videos and employing clickbait tactics. Additionally, he has gained a reputation for occasionally exhibiting eccentric behavior and engaging in what he claims to be “joking” toxicity and bullying.


The relationship between Neon and Sam Frank has captivated the interest of many fans. Despite the controversies surrounding Neon, their love story unfolds, maintaining the attention of their dedicated followers.

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