Pro-DeSantis superPAC hit with more departures as turmoil among allies intensifies

Pro-DeSantis superPAC hit with more departures as turmoil among allies intensifies.

WASHINGTON – In the weeks leading up to the first Republican nomination contests, Reuters has learned from two individuals familiar with the situation that two prominent members of the primary super PAC backing Florida governor Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign have departed the group.

Members of the Never Back Down super PAC’s senior team, including CEO Kristin Davison and communications director Erin Perrine, have reportedly left the organisation, according to anonymous sources who spoke on condition of anonymity in order to discuss personnel issues.

Just over two weeks had passed since Davison took over as CEO of Never Back Down after the departure of the previous leader in late November.

A representative for Never Back Down, Jess Szymanski, made the announcement in a statement. Scott Wagner, an associate of DeSantis’s for a long time, will now serve as CEO.

“Scott Wagner will now serve as Chairman of the Board and interim CEO of Never Back Down,” she said.

Politico initially reported Davison’s departure, while Semafor reported Perrine’s.

Given the group’s pivotal role in bolstering the Florida governor’s election campaign, the continuing turmoil within Never Back Down (NBD) is a major concern for DeSantis. Donations to NBD can be as large as the moon, but the superPAC cannot work in tandem with the campaign in any way.

Some who are aware of the situation say that in recent months, senior campaign leaders’ trust in NBD has dwindled. Ron DeSantis supporters launched a new political action committee (PAC) called Fight Right to target Nikki Haley, a former U.S. ambassador to the UN, who has surpassed DeSantis in several important states.

On the Republican side of the aisle, DeSantis and Haley are both more than 40 points behind Trump, the former president.

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