Is Mr Tumble Dead? You won’t believe what happened to Mr Tumble!

Is Mr Tumble Dead?

Is Mr Tumble DeadRecently, the world of children’s television was stirred by rumors surrounding the demise of the beloved character Mr. Tumble, portrayed by CBeebies star Justin Fletcher. These speculations surfaced on September 8, 2023, creating a buzz on social media and leaving fans in disbelief. However, it appears that these reports were merely a heartless death hoax¹.

The Hoax

The false news of Mr. Tumble’s death originated from a prank website, marking not the first time Justin Fletcher has been the target of such a hoax. In February 2020, a similar unfounded story about his passing circulated online, originating from hoax sites like,, and

As is common in the online realm, reports of Fletcher’s death persisted, resurfacing more than three years after the initial hoax.

You won't believe what happened to Mr Tumble!

The Truth

Contrary to the rumors, Justin Fletcher, renowned for his portrayal of Mr. Tumble on the TV show Something Special, is very much alive. At 53 years old, he continues to captivate and educate children through his show.

The Show

Something Special, which debuted in 2003, is still on the air and celebrated its 20th anniversary with the 13th series airing on CBeebies from January to April 2023. Furthermore, the cherished kids’ TV series is set to return with a new installment in 2024 titled ‘Be On Their Own,’ following the previous titles of ‘Out and About’ and ‘We’re All Friends’.


In conclusion, the rumors of Mr. Tumble’s death lack credibility. Justin Fletcher is alive and thriving, persisting in bringing joy to children through his contributions to Something Special. Fans can eagerly anticipate more appearances from Mr. Tumble in the future.

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