U.S. Government and Top Mexican Drug Cartel Exposed as PARTNERS!

U.S. Government and Top Mexican Drug Cartel Exposed as PARTNERS!

U.S. Government and Top Mexican Drug Cartel Exposed as PARTNERS!

This atrocious news about the involvement of U.S Government in drug trafficking affairs with leading Mexican drug cartel Sinaloa took to streets as soon as it was testified by a chief Mexican newspaper earlier this week. U.S government has been involved in this affair since a decade now no matter is it is Bush Rule or Obama rule. Leading Mexican drug cartel Sinaloa can operate its drug business within whole U.S with full immunity from U.S Government and in turn U.S Government is wiping off the drug cartels other than Sinaloa and providing him competition free market. There are many other leaks out there which clearly indicate the involvement of U.S Government in flourishing Sinaloa’s drug trade.

We aren’t charging U.S Government blindfolded; instead this offensive act of U.S Government has been clearly revealed by more than 100 different former and currently active Government servicemen alongside with the official documentations of U.S and Mexican Government, El Universal reporting that United States Drug Enforcement Administration aka DEA along with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and United States Department of Justice have been clandestinely engaged with Mexican Drug Cartel Sinaloa allowing heavy drug trafficking across border which has clearly resulted in the tremendous hike in the cross border violence claiming the lives of about 10,000 people in past few years. After the yearlong research of the giant Mexican newspaper, they have also confirmed that Secret War in Mexico is also the consequence of this association of Mexican Drug Lord with U.S Government.

The profound enquiry of Mexican newspaper led to the revelation of some dark secrets of U.S Government among which the confirmation of its surreptitious agreement with Sinaloa was the main objective. The CIA officials obviously backed U.S Government over this act by stating that this agreement was just the most preferred way to know the foreign political climate by studying the geographical variables. Even though if we take into account that the anti Drug trafficking officials from the various U.S Departments aren’t aware of this deal, still the fact remains the same that U.S is secretly showing green light to Mexican Drug Cartel Sinaloa straight from Washington D.C. allowing the Mexican Drug Lord to expand his drug business all over U.S. resulting in the increase in crimes like extortion, kidnapping, murders. Also by wiping the competitors slate clean for Sinaloa, U.S government is letting him win without losing anything.

Few years back in 2011, The New American magazine had already briefed out that the summary of U.S Governments association with Sinaloa was revealed by their top rank official by providing official court documentation. As reported by the drug trafficker Jesus Vicente, Zambada-Niebla in the U.S court filings, “United Sates Government and the rest of the agencies operating under it has been providing secret benefits like immunity, permit to deal behind the curtains since long time ago. Even the permission to murder innocent citizens is also tolerated by U.S Government for gaining the whereabouts of other leading criminals and their bands”.

The expert analysts from the Mexican Newspaper also shared the common notion with the analysts which debated about this affair few years back stating that due to U.S backing of Sinaloa, he gained the most powerful spot in drug business. Between the years 1006 and 2012, El Universal claims that this phase was the most active phase of U.S and drug lord relationship resulting in the massive drug violence in Mexico. Different situations arising about of this affair suggest that the Mexican officials might also have known this scheme from beginning or even could have been involved in it.

Clearing the air for his defence purposes, Zambada Niebla also shared a very essential piece of news saying that U.S Government have deliberately supplied Guns to Cartel via the “fast and Furious” program aimed at providing guns to cartel’s crew on the expenses of U.S. As per the recent saying of an ATF agent, the killing of Brian terry who was a Border Patrol agent took place with a gun belonging to Fast and Furious Program and was murdered by the criminals who are linked to FBI. This fact makes it even clearer that U.S Government agencies including FBI is deliberately leaking ammo into the Cartels hands and further details added by the defence team of Zambada Niebla shows that there is a legal documentation of the deal between U.S government and Sinaloa.

As per the reports from the top dogs of the drug business and former Government officials, this agreement between U.S Government and Sinaloa covers much more benefits for the Drug Lord which includes the permit of ship tones of raw drug across the border. El Universal stated that in past there has been more or less than 50 meetings between Sinaloa crew and U.S Government until now besides keeping the constant interlink via phones and emails. The leaders of this drug crew has been given the unrestricted power to operate on their own will and traffic the drugs into U.S especially Chicago without being answerable to anyone. Zambada Niebla’s court filing also addresses that U.S Government has go the proper documentation of their assistance provided to Sinaloa Cartel.

Obviously no one would want to dig up one’s own grave and likewise all the federal agencies kept mum over the revelations that zambada- Niebla had stated in his court flings which could have wrecked their own ship. But the hard work of the newspaper revealed certain official documents including court documents and different meet ups with feds and drug convicts which clearly implicate that U.S Government has been involved in this whole Sinaloa cartel drug mash up. However it’s still unpredictable to determine which organisation of U.S Washington D.C would consider getting involved in this motiveless drug trade.

Astonishingly, Mexican authorities clearly reported that they were not aware of this big drug trafficking operation going on between most notorious cartel of Mexico and U.S Government. Further adding that arming of this dreadful cartel by U.S Government was also done without any information to the Mexican Government. The analysis based on this reports by el universal clearly claims the hand of U.S Government in every unlawful action from drug trafficking to arms supplying spreading from Colombia to Afghanistan and South East Asia.

This whole dirty pile of partnership built by U.S Government with the Mexican Drug kingpin is been declared as a main inducer of human rights violation, snatching the rule of autonomy besides being the main cause of mass killing of almost 50,000 to 100,000 people in less than 10 years. As per the thoughts shared by the panel of legal experts, if there is involvement of Mexican Government along with U.S then Mexican Government also has breached the protocol set by the constitution of Mexico and this cannot be tolerated by any means.

This trial got even hotter when El Universal recently reported the outbreak of latest information regarding the involvement of CIA in drug trafficking. This news was articulated by an article presented by Narco News which was titled as “DEA Case Threatens to Expose US Government-Sanctioned Drug-Running”. Alongside a professional drug war journalist Bill Conroy also threw some light on the latest investigation done by the U.S Government which clearly implicated the involvement of CIA in cocaine trafficking and this issue was said to be a constantly running hitch.

DEA has always tried to unveil this unlawful relationship of CIA with the drug dealers and this can be elucidated on the basis of the blistering interview of Former DEA chief Robert Bonner who clearly stated that the DEA team has already came to know about the drug affairs of U.S intelligence Department CIA. He also claimed the import of a ton of cocaine by CIA into U.S via Venezuelan Government. Inspector General of DEA also clarified the management of drug business by CIA testifying that CIA recently received a memo from Department of Justice telling them to keep strong privacy regarding the crime affairs of Government. Not only do the U.S Government officials report this issue but also an official of Mexico also accused CIA of keeping up worldwide drug business.

Mexican Government is investigation this issue facilitated with loads of reports, statements and accusations since a decade. Some of the statements were also documented by The New American in which it was alleged that Washington D.C is the main kingpin behind this worldwide drug trafficking. It’s not the accusation of just few officials but a huge number of drug peddlers, kingpin’s ad Mexican officials also clarified the involvement of CIA and other secretive departments of U.S in drug and gun trafficking. Even DEA was recently suspected of helping these secretive agencies to legalise the drug money while as ATF was report said to be delivering guns of the Mexican cartels. ICE was also held for the permit of hit men belonging to drug cartel to murder the people freely but till now none among the officials of these high standard agencies of U.S have been declared guilty for these unlawful activities.






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