Secrets Of The Rothschild “The World In 2016” Economist Cover Decoded!

Secrets Of The Rothschild “The World In 2016” Economist Cover Decoded!

Well, here it is! The latest encoded message is out and it comes in the form of The Economists front cover for “The World In 2016” edition. This is becoming an annual event for conspiracy analysts & researchers of the occult  on a par with ComiC Con for the Sci-Fi fans.

The Economist is 50% owned by the Rothschild, and that in itself should be reason enough for us to take some time out to see just what it is they are predicting for the year ahead, and just what else they have encoded into their encrypted pictorial view of 2016.

The art itself was produced by artist Matt Herring and comes in two forms. There is the actual cover, which is a condensed version of a larger double spread. Both images are included below and should be used alongside the podcast to make it more understandable.

We get into why some people are in black and white & some are in color, and some are a mixture of both – but what is it that the Economist are trying to hint at?

Angela Merkel is out in front and this should be no surprise due to the ongoing migration crisis and ongoing Euro troubles.

Hillary Clinton is the only 2016 Presidential candidate to appear on the front cover of the magazine and we discuss whether this is a hint that the Rothschilds have picked their puppet for the next 4 to 8 years ahead?

When we look at the bigger spread, we see Bill Clinton out in front on the right hand side of the image and we discuss just what this signifies.

We go over some of the more interesting characters to appear in the image and then get into the strange iconography, symbols and occult messages that are hidden in plain sight throughout the image.

One image that caught my eye is the sundial at the top. There is a butterfly and if you are to count round the dial, it appears between the 3 and 4 – could this be some kind of “transformation” or “metamorphosis” of the sun due to take place? Or with this being a Rothschild publication and concerned with economics, could it spell some turmoil or change in the money world?

Nano gets into the strange image at the bottom with the baby apparently inheriting the world. I also found a similar image on the Economist Facebook page and I have included it below at number 4! What are they trying to depict? The end of the old age, and the ushering in of the new one?

There is another image that goes along with the story and that can be found below at number 3 – and this is a plethora of information to be decoded. We give it our best go but there’s so much in there that we would love you to leave your finding in the comments section below.

I also went and watched the beginning of The Economists video that goes along with the article and what i found in the opening sequence is truly fascinating. I have included the video below, and i have taken a still image number 5 that shows what can only be described as two suns! What’s more intriguing is the fact that at the time it appears, the commentator is talking about “big stories in the year ahead”!

Are they hinting that we are finally going to discover that we are in a binary star system? Could it be to signify an incoming planetary body? Who know, but it makes for great discussion!

  1. The front cover of The Economist – The World In 2016

Secrets Rothschild World 2016 Economist Cover Decoded

2. Matt Herrings full imagemaxresdefault

3. The spread that is to depict the events of the year ahead from the Economist …..Secrets Rothschild World 2016 Economist Cover Decoded

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4. From the Economist Facebook page…10646643_10153842247144060_4706005566732326538_n
5. Taken from the video from the Economist looking at the year ahead…. 2 suns?Secrets Rothschild World 2016 Economist Cover Decoded

The World in 2016 From the US election to the Olympics in Rio, 2016 looks set to be a busy year. Luckily, The Economist is on hand to guide you through it. The World in 2016 is the latest in our annual collection of predictions for the year ahead

Posted by The Economist on Sunday, November 22, 2015


The post Secrets Of The Rothschild “The World In 2016” Economist Cover DECODED! appeared first on Kev Baker Show.


The post Secrets Of The Rothschild “The World In 2016” Economist Cover DECODED! appeared first on Kev Baker Show.

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