Purina Sued for Allegedly Killing 4,000 Dogs With ‘Toxic’ Food

We cherish our pets. Our canines are individuals from the family. To many of us, they are one of the children – the fuzzy ones. Would we say that we are careful with what we nourish our pets as what we sustain our children with? Frequently, advertisements for pet food  guarantee that they have “genuine” food, however, the ingredients end up being things like wheat gluten meals, animal by-products, and corn by-products as well. Settle’s Purina Beneful brand, a standout amongst the most mainstream brands of canine food, is currently confronting a legal lawsuit claiming that their food caused serious health issues or even death in over 3,000 dogs. A little digging into consumer reviews of Beneful comes back with story after story of dogs suffering from massive internal health issues. Perhaps it’s an ideal opportunity to begin looking more carefully at the food you’re feeding your pet and begin replacing the chicken by-product meal with real chicken.

What’s the Deal with Conventional Dog Food?

There are numerous dog owners waiting for the choice in the legal claim against Beneful. Reviews from dog owners who have fed their pets Beneful have comparable troubling symptoms. These dogs have developed incontinence, internal bleeding, liver malfunction, and seizures. There are two ingredients that are conceivably creating the most harm. The first is propylene glycol, a substance utilized as a part of radiator fluid that nevertheless has been approved by the FDA for dog food and other products like salad dressings and cake mixes. Propylene glycol has made items banned in Europe. It is viewed as less toxic than the ethylene glycol normally utilized as a part of radiator fluid, yet it’s still a chemical you don’t need your dog ingesting.

Another possible reason for these dog poisonings is mycotoxins from improperly stored grains. With the widespread incidences of liver failure cited in the lawsuit, it makes sense that this is being caused by toxins. Dog food contains substantial amounts of grain from numerous sources, so the testing for contaminated ingredients is conflicting and insufficient. Lax testing and regulation coupled with the tendency of large corporations to meet the bare minimum standards for quality make it more than possible that Purina Beneful and many other dogs foods contain mycotoxins. Since traditional canine food depends so vigorously on grains, the threat of mycotoxins will always be present.

Purina Sued for Allegedly Killing 4,000 Dogs With ‘Toxic’ Food

Is Homemade Dog Food the Answer?

It’s intriguing to take note of the ways in which food for dogs mirrors our food. Routine dog food infers fast food – cheap and easy. What would happen if we put as much care into our pet’s food as we do into ours? It sounds like a great deal of work and a considerable measure of money. Even so, reading the stories from Beneful customers who have had to rush their dog to the vet, watched them suffer, or found them dead is sobering. Does the time and cash balance out in the end?

Check the ingredients in your dog food. Stay away from animal by-products, excessive grains, sugar, and additives. Making your dogs food at home permits you to feed them a balanced diet of whole foods without any chemicals or preservatives. Blend crude, natural vegetables and natural, grass fed ground meat like beef or bison in a food processor. You can utilize an assortment of vegetables (no onions, however!) furthermore include additional items like eggs or avocado. If your dog is having health issues, homemade food can make all the difference in the world. Your pets are vital individuals of your family. Why not show them a little extra love with a better quality of food?

Sources: livingtraditionally.com

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  1. Eden says:

    AVOCADO ARE TOXIC TO CAT’S AND DOG’S!! I appreciate covering this horrible tragedy that so many of us have faced (regarding toxic ingredients and mold spores etc.,) in pet food. It is equally bad to suggest a very toxic food like Avocado and a blanket statement of vegetables (but for onions) as stated. Numerous fruit’s, vegetables, all pits (fruit wood, seeds, pits and most greenery,) range from mechanically injurious to swift death! Just a short example are;apple seeds (wood and greenery,) macadamia nuts, avocados (and pits,) all tomato plants and fruit, most cooking oils, grapes, raisins, all salts, artificial sweeteners, raw yeast dough, salt dough ornaments, most lotions and sunscreens (chemical ingredients,) chilocolate, onions, all garlic, pepper’s, pear seeds (wood and greenery,) fox tails, star thistle, most tea’s, most mushrooms, all pork, people vitamins and most medications, alcohol, motor oil, antifreeze, pesticides, chemicals, most soaps, room fresheners, copper, coins, rubber bands, dental floss, needle and thread, yarn, cherries (wood, pits, greens,) green potatoes, potatoes eye’s and plant’s (only sweet cooked sweet potatoes are recommended,) gum, candy, hair spray, paint, moth ball’s, human toothpaste, baby powder, spinach, coconut (despite people touting coconut oil for a natural health remedy (it’s not safe for cat’s and dog’s) and a longer list of thing’s I can’t cover in this quick response. Note that dark meat of poultry (and skin,) cause gastrointestinal upset and must be avoided. Baby food has seasonings, so no more jars of baby food. Older vet’s don’t keep up with proven hazards to pet lives! Sign up for pet food recall’s but don’t feel safe. By the time people fight to get a recall, many pet’s are dead, dying and or forever injured. Raw food poses many health risks if not followed closely. Many raw food companies have salmonella recalls and home prepped food often is vitamin deficient and made with hormone and pesticide laden food’s. Most berries are highly nutritious but if you aren’t using organic, they ar ed toxic little bombs. Strawberries grown non organically should be stricken from anyone’s list! Read up on how they’re grown commercially. You might think you’re okay to grow produce at home. Unless the seeds or starters state they’re “NON GMO&ORGANIC” you’ll be growing produce that are not the healthiest. Animal bones (cooked or raw,) should be avoided. Internal puncture, bacterial loads left on teeth and gums, shards, choking, teeth wearing down, (chipping and fracture,) are all issue’s caused by good hearted owner’s (wanting to keep a pet occupied.) Immune disorders, kidney, liver, blood and cancers, are some of the early issue’s, diseases and death’s (caused by feeding hazardous food.) Numerous plant’s are hazardous to fast illness and deadly. Oleander, Easter Lily, Lily’s, Azalea, Ivys, Fig Tree’s, Olives and Olive Tree’s (and oil,) Agapanthus, Jacaranda, Crape Myrtle, Nut Tree’s, Maple, Black Walnuts, Oaks and their acorns, Wisteria, Lady Slipper, Boxwood, Privet, Redwood (and saw dust,) Lilacs, Viburnum and many others. Dececant package’s, plastic bag’s, boxes and food packaging (especially empty cans and cereal boxes,) all pose risk. Animals have died from suffocation, starvation, impaction and strangulation. Balloons and their string, are a huge evil! Ensnarements, drowning, choking, strangulation and impaction death’s are caused by those evil unnecessary thing’s. Plastic bag’s are especially attractive to be eaten by animals (due to their new recipe’s,) to compost faster (corn starch.) Avoid pickled food, vinegars and mold. Be sure to secure your compost set up (away from all animal’s.) As food composts, it causes a huge boccilism risk (and death,) to animal’s that consume the decaying food. Sadly, many lake’s, pond’s, river’s and ocean’s have (or suffer seasonal) toxic algae blooms and toxic event’s. Not always seen or smelled. Dog’s are often the first to sicken and die (when neglectful owner’s allow their pet’s to swim, play and drink. You must protect the turtle’s, fowl, fish and native fauna. Dogs can deficate, shed and their flea products can migrate into the water. When a toxic event occurs, a precious pet can fall ill and may die. Swift trip to vet and a vet that thinks to ask the right question’s, might let your pet be saved. Sadly many pet’s organs will shut down and be too far gone to save. Do not go by old pet recipe book’s. The author’s figured if a pet eats something, it’s safe. NO GARLIC EVER!!! It’s not a flea repellent for pet’s. It’s a slow growing death sentence! Research before you feed anything. Many so called top brands have been unscrupulous. No more Blue Buffalo. There are some better brand’s. We’ve switched to a brand I think is called Blue Wild or Wild Blue? They make bison, salmon, venison etc. No grains, no fillers. Top brands are costly but you save the expense from vet bill’s, suffering and broken heart’s. Our dog’s love it so much they’ve started howling for their food.

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