There’s a Pedophile Ring on YouTube and Twitter

There’s a Pedophile Ring on YouTube and Twitter

There's a Pedophile Ring on YouTube and Twitter

I think it is quite possible that the combination with the PizzaGate scandal, the U.S. being exposed supporting terrorists in Syria and the intense dislike of the candidates and exposed rigging of this year’s election, this is creating an incredible amount of global awakening all at the same time. Never before has everything been so open, obvious and unhidden.

The PizzaGate scandal became even worse for me yesterday as it was discovered that a pedophile ring existed on YouTube, out in the open. One YouTube user created a video based on research done by citizen investigators on Voat that exposed many videos of children in various poses and positions. Some of these videos have millions of views and several horrific comments. Apparently all you had to do to find these videos was type in ‘web cam video’ and there you had it:

This is in addition to the recent TwitterGate scandal where millions of accounts were found to be openly sharing child pornography. Some of the accounts had tens of thousands of followers.

Norway also announced the largest pedophile bust in history with 51 men being arrested and 150 terabytes of data being confiscated. To put that in perspective I found the following about how much data that is:

“150 Terabytes: Estimated size of all Web pages indexed by Google on Dec 8th 2005 (not including databases or video). (See this article for the figures I used)”

This is beyond a colossal amount of child pornography. It is more and more obvious that children are being sold, used, sacrificed and disposed of on an industrial scale. I think we can anticipate more of this information coming out as time goes on. This is the gunk we need to clean out of the shower drain, it’s been festering in there for decades and must be removed and cleaned, and it will be.


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