“Overcast” Documentary Reveals the Truth About Contrails (Video)

“Overcast” Documentary Reveals the Truth About Contrails

By: (N.Morgan)

The debate about whether or not chemtrails/geoengineering are in fact occurring, leaves out the possible consequences of contrails (the normal exhaust from aircraft that create a trail of water vapor, ice and soot) on the environment and weather. While the theory of covert chemical spraying operations takes center stage, are we overlooking a key element in this issue?

Perhaps the question shouldn’t be: Is the military secretly spraying toxic chemicals into the atmosphere? But rather, Are contrails from standard air traffic the true culprit that is responsible for damaging the environment and human health?

A concerned and curious filmmaker set out to find the answer.

“Overcast” Documentary Reveals the Truth About Contrails (Video)

Following the (Toxic) Trail

“Putting all speculations aside, I wanted a convincing answer.” ~ Matthias Hancke, director of “Overcast”

When Hancke started on a journey to uncover the truth about chemtrails, he didn’t realize it would take over six years of research — and 40 interviews in 10 countries — to find an answer. He had a unique approach as he didn’t have an opinion about chemtrails, one way or another, and kept personal bias out of the investigation entirely.

He was joined by producer Tristan Albrecht and interviewed a range of experts in the field, along with independent researchers — including: geoengineers, atmospheric chemists, contrail and cloud specialists, professors of aeronautics, meteorologists, aerosol experts, a chemtrail debunker, environmental activists, journalists, a medical doctor, an airline pilot, the assistant director of the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment and more.

A well-known chemtrail debunker interviewed in the film is Mick West, founder of Contrail Science and Metabunk, who believes that the idea of chemtrails is getting in the way of real problems like pollution and global warming.

He claims there is absolutely no proof of chemical spraying, and that the theory of chemtrails is completely dependent on our perceptions at any given time. West also makes the point that there’s no reason for the government to be doing it secretly, especially if they don’t know the outcome or effects.

His last statement is interesting in the context of an article written by the late Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri, who provides several examples of aerosol spraying programs done by the U.S. government in the past.

The first was called Manhattan-Rochester Coalition, where aerosol tests were conducted to study “the health effects of radioactive materials…on vulnerable populations without consent in St. Louis.” These military-sponsored [radioactive] “studies targeted a segregated, high density urban area, where low-income persons of color predominantly resided.”

The second aerosol spraying operation took place a few years ago in the subway system of New York City, where unsuspecting riders were sprayed with a toxic gas. Signs were posted that read: “The NYPD will release small amounts of harmless colorless gas in 5 boroughs and 21 subway lines.

The airborne non-toxic [sic] test is part of NYPD’s precaution against terror attacks. MTA [Metropolitan Transit Authority].” Unfortunately for the subway riders, the gas (perfluorocarbon) is far from harmless and has been linked with “early onset menopause, birth defects, flu-like symptoms; endocrine disruption; and “excessive exposure may cause effects on the brain and heart.”’

An additional example of covert spraying of the population was a germ warfare experiment that took place in the 1950s, in which “the Army sprays a vast cloud of Serratia marcescens over the Bay Area populace from a vessel in the waters off San Francisco. The bacteria blanketed the city and surrounding communities in a circle from Sausalito through the East Bay to Colma. Shortly after the spraying, 11 patients at the old Stanford University Hospital in San Francisco develop unusually tough infections, and one dies. Serratia destroyed the heart valves of Edward Nevin, 75,” writes John Blanchard for the San Francisco Chronicle.

These three cases of secret spraying were sanctioned by the government, where the outcome or effects were unknown when they began. Unfortunately, West isn’t the only person who doesn’t question the transparency of the government in the film.

Well-respected institutions like the German Aerospace Center do not test for aluminum, barium or strontium in the atmosphere because there is “no reason for it to be there. So how would it get up there in the first place?” In fact, none of the leading organizations studying contrails test for the suspected chemicals. And yet, public authorities, media, politicians and NGOs — as well as environmental groups — all refer to these institutions and don’t test themselves.

This is odd since as early as 1994, scientists frequently detected aluminum, barium, carbon and titanium in the vicinity of cirrus clouds over Colorado and Wyoming — and attributed it to air transport in the region. Hancke asks: “So why were scientists looking for these particles back then, but not now?”

Finally, Hancke hires a scientist and special plane to collect samples. Due to restrictions by air traffic control during the flight, the plane wasn’t able to gain enough altitude to travel directly through the jet trail, but they did obtain samples nonetheless. Barium was found to be present. Sadly, the samples were too small to establish solid evidence.

Nonetheless, in a fortunate twist of events, The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich launched a study of the exhaust of aircrafts. What they found was a staggering total of sixteen different metals in the jet fuel and exhaust of three planes — some of which are extremely toxic to humans, plants and animals —such as aluminum and barium. These two particular metals in the exhaust are due to kerosene in engine lubricant oil.

Aluminum can come from the turbines as well. But they found the jet fuel also contained aluminum and barium. We may ask why these metals are in the fuel to begin with, but, speculation aside, “It is in any case urgent to regulate jet engine exhaust,” said Prof Ulrike Lohmann of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

OVERCAST Prof Ulrike Lohmann – aluminum and barium in jet fuel

The findings are concerning, especially since flight traffic has doubled in the last 15 years — and is expected to double again within the next twenty. Another concerning factor is the creation of cloud cover. As stated in the film, “Manmade cloud cover by flight traffic has a bigger impact on global warming in one single year than all the CO2 emitted in the history of aviation.” In Britain alone, this manmade cloud cover can obstruct sunlight over 20,000 square miles.

According to the press release for Overcast:

“Considering that there are 37.5 million of aircrafts in the air annually (according ATAG Air Transport Action Group, 2014), we should find out the impact of the emissions of these pollutants on our ecosystem. We should consider also, that with the rain, these substances end up in our food chain and are taken up by organisms. For the protection of the climate and to benefit our health and the environment, we should now make arrangements to banish this metal pollution from our airspace and finally regulate aircraft exhaust pollution.”

If you are interested in learning more about the theory behind chemtrails and geoengineering, seehere for a collection of articles on the subject.

Additionally, a full transcript of the interview with Mick West can be found here.







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