Huge FBI Bombshell About Hillary Clinton if Not Indicted (Video)

In the interview below, Author of the new book on Hillary Clinton, ‘Unlikeable,’ Ed Klein, is interviewed on the current state of the Clinton FBI investigation. What he says is not good news for Hillary fans, but I for one will believe an indictment when I see one. Klein talks about how the FBI is struggling to recover whatever portion of the remaining 30,000 emails Hillary Clinton deleted from her server.

Huge FBI Bombshell About Hillary Clinton if Not Indicted (Video)

When asked if that would prevent an indictment (assuming one is recommended), thankfully Klein says no, which makes sense. They’ve already recovered over 1,000 classified emails counting as one felony EACH, not to mention the 20+ emails that were classified higher than top secret, evidence tampering, perjury, and the list goes on…

So. to think that missing a few emails would hold up the case (again, assuming Director Comey chooses to recommend indictment) is preposterous. Does it matter if they charge her with 1,025 felonies or 1,030? Who cares about the remaining emails, unless Director Comey feels they may put the already existing evidence to shame. No one really thinks Clinton will end up in prison, unless something so over-the-top egregious turns up that we don’t know of yet.

Huge FBI Bombshell About Hillary Clinton if Not Indicted (Video)

Interestingly enough, Clinton biographer Ed Klein says he DOES believe Hillary will be indicted before the Democrat convention. He goes on to say if Comey recommends indictment, and Loretta Lynch’s Department of Injustice chooses not to, Klein said Comey is likely to walk out, along with a whole bunch of other FBI agents. One would think that would be enough to stop people from voting for Clinton, but let’s be real… this is today’s Democrat party… fat chance!

I’ve maintained for some time now, that Clinton’s criminal investigation is like a political nuke, and the party is diving for cover into the nearest bunkers (Video). It’s my hypothesis that everyone involved knows the indictment is inevitable, for all the reasons I review in the post titled, Proof Obama is NOT leaving office, and we are witnessing his “third term” unfolding right before us. NEVER forget, it was Valerie Jarrett and Obama that leaked the server details to the press to begin with… and you know how calculating Obama is… he did that for SOME reason…

Huge FBI Bombshell About Hillary Clinton if Not Indicted (Video)

Cartoonist Gary Varvel: FBI looks into Hillary’s email server

Regardless of what polls say, I don’t think ANYONE with any sense think Bernie can get elected, which means it looks like President Barack Obama could very likely suspend the 2016 Presidential Elections! Another factor that will be a large part of how Obama decides to move forward with Hillary is if he’s willing to let a GOP President come in and undo all he’s done, because he’s got his eye on what he considers a larger “Real Prize” than his “legacy” as President: Obama has been plotting in private for “King of the World” aka U.N. Secretary General, in which case he’d have to make sure Hillary gets indicted. Obama knows damn well half the trade agreements he signed have given American sovereignty over to the U.N., and as head of the U.N., he might have a better chance at disarming the American people. Only one person stands in his way: Bill Clinton! Read the link to find out more!

Huge FBI Bombshell About Hillary Clinton if Not Indicted (Video)

Conservative Tribune Reports:

With the FBI wrapping up its investigation into Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s use of her private email server, many people have been speculating when or if she will be indicted.

Author Ed Klein told Fox News host Stuart Varney on Friday that should Clinton not be indicted, FBI Director James Comey and others would resign in protest.

“I think Comey realizes that he’s got to wrap this (investigation) up well before the conventions, otherwise he’s going to disenfranchise millions and millions of people. So I think this is going to be wrapped up in around six more weeks,” Klein said.

Klein also said he thought Clinton would be indicted.

However, he also told Arney that Clinton probably has her lawyers working with the Justice Department on a lesser charge where she would simply apologize for being “sloppy” and essentially be “let off.” Klein added that he did not think that scenario would occur.

He also said that while it is up to the Justice Department to indict or not indict Clinton, it would behoove the department to listen to Comey, should he recommend an indictment. Should they not listen to Comey’s suggestions, Klein said there would “be hell to pay.”

When Vareny asked Klein if he thought Comey would resign if the FBI chose not to indict Clinton after his suggestion that it do so, he said he thought he would, along with “a lot of other FBI agents.”

Clinton has denied any wrongdoing in the handling of classified information, but mounting evidence and hundreds of emails are making it difficult for her to continue to play dumb, or worse, innocent. But that won’t stop her from from trying.

It looks like things are about to get interesting.


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  1. Kyle says:

    I just hope the FBI does make a decision fast. If Hillary gets indicted, she should loose the primaries to Bernie, not the general elections to Trump or Cruz.

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