Abraham Lincoln’s Membership in Masonry & Alan Watt Freemason Debate


Abraham Lincoln's Membership in Masonry & Alan Watt Freemason Debate

The following information comes directly from the files of Harmony Lodge #17, F.A.&A.M.. Washington, D.C..
This address was given on January 28th, 1914. The title: ” Abraham Lincoln, Freemason.” It was delivered by Dr. L.D. Carman, P.M.
It should be noted that this address was “Printed for private distribution.”
Here are some highlights of this speech.

Worshipful Master and Brethren:
The subject of my remarks this evening will be Abraham Lincoln, Freemason. It may be regarded as somewhat presumptuous to give this address this title, when Lincoln is not considered as one of the Masonic Presidents of the United States, and while “Abraham Lincoln and Freemasonry” might be deemed by some as a preferable title, Abraham Lincoln, Freemason, is nevertheless the subject.

While it has been said that anything can be proved in Masonry, it is not attempted to prove that Lincoln was a member of the secret society called Mormons or the secret society called Freemasons, but a number of interesting facts concerning Lincoln and his connection with our order are presented for consideration.

While Lincoln was never formally received into the Masonic Order, he first saw light in connection with his friendship and close association with Bowling Green. Honor to him who may safely be called the Masonic Preceptor of Abraham Lincoln.
There is much more to this address concerning Lincoln’s membership in the Masons. You can find it here:

It should be noted that, concerning the Mexican War spoken of in this address, that Mexico is second only to Peru in the amount of treasure rooms and mines in the world. It is believed by many that the Mexican War was created for the purpose of taking over these treasures.

In Sherman’s March to the Sea we can see this same approach taking place, the looting of everything of value, all in the name of War.

One very important matter comes to the forefront with this statement about ‘slavery” and these “blue lodges as they call them everywhere doing their secret and deadly work.” Masonry and its concepts were actually “stolen” from Africa, from the people of Africa. Some TRUE experts believe that this may explain slavery in the South.
That slavery may have been created to show that the “white man’s” Masonic beliefs were “greater than, or, better than” the rituals of the Negro, so the white’s simply enslaved them. It would be interesting to know how many plantation owners were Masonic.

Albert Pike, a well known 33rd degree Mason, was part of the KKK, some say he started the KKK. Pike was also from the South and he may have used the KKK for the purposes of intimidating these slaves, yes, even killing them, to “show them whose craft was better.”

In closing, Lincoln was, indeed, a Mason. The very fact that we see a Masonic Lodge, in 1914, trying to say that he was is enough for me. But it doesn’t stop there. Every Lodge along the funeral train path was there to honor him.
Good ole “Honest Abe.” Funny how Masons use words that describe the exact opposite of what they are.


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