Thinking Outside The Dome? Dave Murphy Explains The FLAT EARTH Theory Like Never Before

Thinking Outside The Dome? Dave Murphy Explains The FLAT EARTH Theory Like Never Before

Is The Earth Really Flat?

I have heard many explanations on the “Flat Earth” theory, but this particular interview with Dave Murphy really gets you wondering if the world really is flat indeed. If so then this could possibly be the biggest secret ever kept from the people on planet earth.

Thinking Outside The Dome? Dave Murphy Explains The FLAT EARTH Theory

Allegedly Dave appearing on Macedonian National Television speaking about Flat Earth on “Late Night with Milenko”. This show is apparently the most popular current affairs program in the country and aired to 11 million people across the former Yugoslavian countries.


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12 responses

  1. Mark Watson says:

    I watched a bit and it is total utter bs

  2. Noah Gambescia says:

    I strongly feel that the flat earth theory was intentionnally dropped to cause division in the new age and conspiracy theory communities. It is not only false, but intended to distract us from true conspiracies and to ridicule us, do not give in

  3. Domo Walsh says:

    Thay the rulers who are the shadow government and ur so called gods who have humans Killin each other over not food not water not self-defence but for there own grip around humanity neck,,,

  4. John Mills says:

    Awesome!,…Thank You 🙂 I’ve been researching the Flat Earth theory recently. Up until this point, i’ve alway’s considered the FET as a laughable joke. I get “into” a lot of what people call “crazy stuff”, but the whole FET i’ve thought, was a bit over the top. ….until now
    Been reading articles and watching video’s like your’s for the last few week’s, and i must say,…i’m pretty much sold on the whole thing. Naturally, i still have a few niggling,unanswered questions, but, to be honest, i’m starting to not care. Those unknown thing’s will come to me in good time, the more i research and believe. I believe in God and Jesus our Saviour, i’m seriously starting to feel that i must believe this. It all seem’s to make so much sense. The Flat Earth seem’s much more the Hand of God’s work,…it is the making of a supreme Being. It would be an insult to God, to think that He made us in His image,..and left us on a ball of rock floating and spinning in “space”.
    Your video was one of the better ones i’ve watched, and i feel, quite “enlightened” learning this information. I’ve been turning back to God over the last few years and re-discovering just how Great He is,….the whole Flat Earth thing, proves it.
    Thanx again,…keep up the awesome work!

  5. David Simpson says:

    Seen this several times and it is a great introduction to the flat earth!!!

  6. Tim says:

    Having understood how magnificent the Word of God is, it becomes clear that it is the only source of true knowledge.
    The Bible is categorically flat, unmoving earth in its statements.
    Hebrews informs us that the Word of God is sharper than a two-edged sword.
    Why two-edged then?
    It is because, as Vernon Jenkins at his w/s The Other Bible Code has revealed; every single word is underpinned by the most astonishing mathematical perfections; these perfections can ONLY be the result of Divine Authorship; therefore; THE EARTH IS FLAT.
    The re-revelation of this anciently-understood truth can only be the sign of the end of all things.

  7. Jonathan Martineau says:

    Amazing )

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