Bernie Sanders Promises to Immediately Break up the Big Banks If Elected

The Idea of Banks in America has been around since Alexander Hamilton first came up with the financial banks. It was a way to keep track of everyone’s finances. However, the bank was backed by gold. It was only until around 1910 that it shifted to a Federal Reserve Bank. It was only then the government or banks could withdraw as much as they want without limit. As a result, there was corruption in the 1920’s and it led to the Financial Crash in 1929.

Fast forward about 105 years later, and we still have problems with big banks and politicians. And both parties seemed to be crossed with Tea Party Ideas.

And Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont claims to end big banks if elected. He said, “too big to fail’ list of commercial banks, shadow banks and insurance companies whose failure would pose a catastrophic risk to the United States economy without a taxpayer bailout.”

He feels that they have been the cause of the problems within America and why Americans haven’t been able to get ahead.

There has been frustration on many Americans faces as they talk around the dinner table. The amount of fees that banks charge is ridiculous.

Bernie Sanders Promises to Immediately Break up the Big Banks If ElectedBanks are another system that penalizes you for overspending your money and give you little to no interest for money being in the bank.

It seems as if Bernie Sanders is taking a stand to what is a corrupt system. There was a lot of outrage in 2008 with the banks and 8 years later there can be a lot more. This is why this Presidential Race is crucial.

We have one candidate in Donald Trump who would be the jobs President and says what people want to hear. In the beginning, it’s convincing, but then you feel disgust about what will become of America and you don’t want that America full of negativity. Donald would represent these banks.

Hilary Clinton another candidate disagrees with Bernie on this topic of breaking up big banks. She has been in the system long enough and has supported them through the fall. She has her eyes set to be the first woman President, but America doesn’t agree with some of the views she has especially on big banks.

Bernie making a stand against big banks could be a way to the ticket. This writer doesn’t know much about the philosophies of Bernie and isn’t favoring him one way or the other. This writer is just reporting what he stands for and it can be a good strategy.

Big Banks have been a problem for a long time and ever since 100 years ago and may be more. They are filled with corruption and greed and they are filled with making everyone pay with their money to support them. This is the same with credit card companies as well.

Could Bernie be the solution to an ongoing problem or could Bernie just make the problem worse than it already is. We will find out Election Day and after with who wins this most talked about race.



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