Albert Pike: “We Control Islam and We’ll Use It to Destroy the West.” (WW3)

Albert Pike: “We Control Islam and We’ll Use It to Destroy the West.” 

Albert Pike: “We Control Islam and We’ll Use It to Destroy the West.” (WW3)

In this documentary short we discuss Albert Pike’s Three World War Predictions. There are websites with this information, however I believe the most important aspect of the predictions is that the Illuminati is using Islam to accomplish its goals. Albert Pike openly stated that Islam will be the central component in a war against the West, and that the Illuminati will lead Islam into direct confrontation with the West. We have already seen what the New World Order has done with Islam, and that is to foment a crisis, escort millions of Muslims to European nations, set up Sharia courts, target European women with sexual assault and rape, and watch as Brussels, Belgium and Paris, France attacks happen. But it’s all been planned, setting the stage for WW3. Just as they set the stage for WW1 and WW2.

Powerful Prophecy Of Coming Destruction, And Israel Attacked

Sia’s “Cheap Thrills” Illuminati 666 Dance For The Devil EXPOSED

After Islam is used for its purpose, it will be done away with to make way for the religious system of pure Luciferianism. All Muslims will partake in the new system and worship Lucifer.



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11 responses

  1. Mca says:

    Muslims believe in the oneness of God and also that God created Satan/lucifer so why would we as Muslims suddenly worship lucifer?
    This is sooo full of nonsense

  2. lana lulu says:

    Muhammad is Satan himself

  3. Tizz says:

    Religion is the root of hatred.. Sp
    Awned into what it is today,used as a primary weapon in inciting war
    &hatred all over,,, as many ancient civilisations believed that the true God was the Sun nothing more the sun is the allah bearer of light all mighty powerful, crature of life,ect, so in saying this you all know son of david ect, is derived from wen the winter equinox ends on 25th december n the rising of the New Sun doesnt really show its movement until 3 days later hence the jesus birthday also shared his birthday with 30+ religious entitysmind you,, died for 3 days then rose! Funny ha? Maybe religion is the cause of walls,boundaries,seperation of man kind,,cause imagine if these walls did not exist and a government formed that were unjust,greedy frauds!! We would simply over throw this government yes?? So we make borders immediately provoking seperation and establishing difference,with that comes unsettlement wondering whats on the other side,then storys created to provoke myths then lies are believed then a army forms without this border who would you fight??

  4. Kris D says:

    The longest lasting vestige of tribalism that has strengthened over time and gains its strongest foothold in the absence of education. If religion is continuing as the tool of choice for the rich and influential, as it was for Constantine, it stands to reason that cuts to education represent an investment in controlling the unwashed masses. Its benefits remain dwarfed by its collateral damage.

  5. abbas says:

    universal truth

    ” all wars are bankers’ wars and all bank owners are Jews ”

    see who funded ww1 ,ww2 and coming soon ww3

  6. Chris Morgan says:

    im speechless.

  7. Lewis E. Machatka says:

    Speaking of religion, I found it item by Seneca from over 2,000 years ago in my readings.

    “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false and by the rulers as useful.”

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