12,000 Year Old Massive Underground Tunnels are Real and Stretch from Scotland to Turkey

12,000 Year Old Massive Underground Tunnels are Real and Stretch from Scotland to Turkey

12,000 Year Old Massive Underground Tunnels are Real and Stretch from Scotland to Turkey

Is it possible that ancient cultures were interconnected thousands of years ago? According to thousands of underground tunnels that stretch from North Scotland towards the Mediterranean the answer is a big yes. While the reason behind these sophisticated tunnels remains a mystery, many experts believe that this huge 12,000 year old network was built as a protection against predators and other dangers 12,000 years ago. Some experts believe that these mysterious tunnels were used as modern-day highways, allowing the transition of people and connecting them to distant places across Europe.

In the book Secrets Of The Underground Door To An Ancient World (German title: Tore zur Unterwelt) German archaeologist Dr Heinrich Kusch states that evidence of huge underground tunnels has been found under dozens of Neolithic settlements all over the European continent. These tremendous tunnels are often referred to as ancient highways.

12,000 year old massive underground tunnels are real and stretch from Scotland to Turkey

According to Dr Kusch, the fact that many of these tunnels still exist today, after 12,000 years indicates that the tunnels must have been both complex and huge in size.

“Across Europe there were thousands of them says Dr Kusch,” in Germany we have discovered hundreds of meters of underground tunnels. In Austria we have found hundreds more. These underground tunnels can be found everywhere across Europe and there are thousands of them.” Said the German archaeologist.

While some of the tunnels are relatively small- some of them measure over a meter in width, there are other tunnels that have been found with underground chambers and storage areas.

The fact that these tunnels have been found points towards incredible ancient ingenuity which is anything but what history books tells us today. Ancient mankind had the knowledge and tools to build complex structures over ten thousand years ago. Evidence of that are the Pyramids of Bosnia in Europe and their incredible underground tunnels that go on for kilometers.

Dr Kusch states that ‘Across Europe there were thousands of these tunnels – from the north in Scotland down to the Mediterranean. They are interspersed with nooks, at some places it’s larger and there is seating, or storage chambers and rooms. They do not all link up but taken together it is a massive underground network.’

12,000 year old massive underground tunnels are real and stretch from Scotland to Turkey

Cappadocia in Turkey is another incredible example. The underground city of Derinkuyu is another piece of evidence which points towards the perfection and long-lost construction methods of our ancestors. The underground city of Derinkuyu is perhaps one of the greatest achievements in underground construction together with the huge network of tunnels. The geological features of the stone from Derinkuyu is something that is very important; it is very soft. Thus, the ancient builders of Derinkuyu had to be very careful when building these underground chambers providing enough pillar strength to support the floors above; if this was not achieved, the city would have collapsed, but so far, archaeologists have not found evidence of any “cave-ins” at Derinkuyu.

12,000 year old massive underground tunnels are real and stretch from Scotland to Turkey

Other ancient monuments such as Gobekli Tepe are more pieces of crucial evidence that point towards incredible skills and knowledge by people who inhabited our planet over ten thousand years ago.

According to Dr Kusch, chapels were often built at the entrances to the underground tunnels because the Church were afraid of the heathen legacy the tunnels might have represented, and like many other things, the church wanted to make sure word about the tunnels was kept as a secret.

In some of the tunnels writings have been discovered which refer to these underground tunnels as gateways to the underworld.

Source: Ancient Code

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21 responses

  1. David Gray says:

    Lots of tunnels from Mexico to America. We know what they’re used for.

  2. Peter says:

    Mexico is part of the Americas.

  3. Helen says:

    If the tunnels are not connected, by definition, they are not part of a network.

  4. vincen singleton says:

    The title did make it seem like the tunnels where interconnected and stretched from Scotland to Turkey unbroken.

  5. Armen says:

    Turkey wasn’t really Turkey back then. It was Greece, Armenia, Assyria, Hattusa, Mittanni, but never Turkey. Derinkuyu is just the name they call it now. But that language is not the aboriginal to those lands. You should know that by now…

    • ıstanbule says:

      So is that the thing that bothered you from all of this great information about tunnels that was built thousand of years ago ? In anatolia , many fights happened for many reasons. But your problem is with turks , right ? Because you are racist, but I bet you always tell people that Turks are genocidal racist people. But now that my friend, you are the one who is obsessed with this situatiın that much

      • Armen says:

        i just said one thing (which is actually a fact, if you ever take the time to read it without any pre-conception – and btw didn’t even try to deny like most of your compatriots unreasonably do) and from that one thing you missjudged my entire line of thought and my entire ideology (because it’s true, what you said is nothing like how i really think and feel towards turks per se).
        So, who’s obsessed now?

        • Meriç says:

          Turkey exists Armen. İts good for you to not war with this. Like every name in this land, like Byzantine, Greece etc ( these are also political names.) Turkey is not a name that coming from space. İts Anatolia, itself. So the people of Turkey are anatolia itself. All the languages in the world raised from this land.

          • Armen says:

            And the turkish language is not natural to anatolia, but to central asia (not questionning your correct comment about today’s turks being of anatolian/near eastern genes, instead of turkic ones).

    • Neds says:

      Fairly certain they mention Turkey as a reference to the modern day, as opposed to inferring that Turkey has always existed in Anatolia.

      You could have also mentioned how at one point, Turkey was the Byzantine Empire, etc. While your comment may enlighten some about some of the nations or cultures that rose and fell in the Turkish region, when relating to this article, its kind of pointless.

      Vincen is just batshit cray cray though lol.

      • Armen says:

        Pointless? if the phisical/geographical/REAL name of the area isn’t Turkey (it is a political entity, and you know it) by using the term ”turkey” to refer to the region as if it was always such, would mean misinforming the reader.
        btw, byzantines = greeks => i did mention greeks as one of the aboriginal dwellers of today’s republic of turkey.

    • Meriç says:

      What s your problem with the name of Turkey? İt was not Turkey but they call it Turkey nowadays, for people to understand it’s place in the world. People have a common misunderstanding about Anatolia. Im from Anatolia, I was born here, my roots are here. I feel like all these civilisations is ours, everbody’s but I feel more close to them. Troy, Hitit and many others. But now it s Turkey and it s not separate from Anatolian soul.

      • Armen says:

        i’d agree with everything you’ve said except your last bit.
        I’m saying these words not with harmful intentions, but with hopes that one day all this may be over, and peaceful terms can be met from both sides of the conflict…
        Don’t (ever) forget that armenians are real anatolians as well. You might be of Hittite, Yezidi or Armenian heritage. But the ones that call themselves armenians today also have the Anatolian soul and blood.
        Never forget that.
        We were born there. We’ve been buried there. And now, the time is slowly coming to our seed to resurge in Anatolia.

  6. Blair Carmichael says:

    So J.R.R. Tolkien’s Dwarves really did exist.

    There must be a gold vault in there somewhere.

    Beware of Smaug!

  7. hawk says:

    don’t believe everything that is told here, sorry

  8. Bill Homans says:

    Why is the figure 12,000 years ago? Radiocarbon dating? What neolithic sites? And did the tunnel system significantly predate the sites? By the date they’ve used, they’re saying that these were being built in the last Ice Age. That seems a little farfetched. I would like to know more about this, though.

  9. 12 000 years old or even older, is the correct age of the uderground system. The tunnels have been used by the lost civilization, which Plato described in his “Dialogues”. I have followed the Westphalian legends and the prophecies of Vanga, and found out evidence of the existance of the Germanic Light in a cave. Believe me, it is not similar to the sun light, nor the light of the fire. It is more like a living-light-being, which light disperses in quite different way.

    I did not know that the tunnel system was so wast, but suggested that it was enough sophisticated. It is how “The Sequence” was born, a work of historical crime fiction, based on real data and facts. The divine providence and the rise of the Pan-Germanic goddess of Dawn, Oestra, like a keeper and protector of the mighty Germanic Light. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01GVQD52G

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    […] 12,000 year old massive underground tunnels are real and stretch from Scotland to Turkey […]

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